Travel with a Heart: Discover Morocco and Support Local Causes

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Welcome to our Morocco Heartfelt Tour page! Our tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of Morocco, while also making a positive impact in the local communities you visit.

Our tour guides are passionate and knowledgeable about Morocco and will take you on a journey through the country’s most iconic destinations, as well as hidden gems that only locals know about. From the bustling souks of Marrakech to the majestic Atlas Mountains, to the stunning beaches of Essaouira, our tours are designed to give you a truly authentic Moroccan experience.

But our tours are not just about sightseeing. We also partner with local organizations and community leaders to identify and support projects that make a meaningful difference in the lives of Moroccans. By choosing to travel with us, you are directly contributing to initiatives that promote education, health, and economic empowerment in the communities we visit.

Our Morocco Heartfelt Tours are perfect for those who want to travel with a purpose and make a positive impact on the world. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends or family, or as part of a larger group, we can customize a tour to meet your specific interests and needs.


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If you want to do more, you can also make a cash donation or provide financial assistance to the project. Additionally, you can donate clothes, especially warm winter clothes and outerwear, as well as writing stationery like paper, pens, and pencils. Bicycles for children’s transportation to educational facilities are also welcome donations.

You can help with anythings you have , clothes, shoes,blanckets etc…



morocco heart toursAnother critical need for nomads is access to clean water. Many nomad families rely on wells located far away from their camps, making it difficult to access clean water for drinking and livestock. Donations towards the construction of wells in the vicinity of where nomads live can make a huge difference in improving their daily lives.




So come join us on a journey of a lifetime, and discover the heart and soul of Morocco!

In conclusion, travel can be more than just sightseeing and taking pictures. By joining a tour that supports a worthy cause like Morocco Heartfelt Tour, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who call the Maghreb region home. Donations of cash, clothes,blanckets, and other essentials are always welcome,


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Q: Who are the nomad people in Morocco?

A: The nomad people in Morocco are groups of individuals who lead a traditional lifestyle, living in tents and traveling with their herds of sheep, goats, and camels in search of water and pasture.

Q: Why do nomad people in Morocco need help?

A: Nomad people in Morocco often face challenges related to accessing basic necessities like water, food, and healthcare. Many also struggle with poverty and lack of educational opportunities.

Q: Where are nomad people in Morocco located?

A: Nomad people in Morocco are located in various regions, including the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert, and the southern regions of Morocco.


Q: How can I donate to help nomad people in need?

A: Our driver/guide will take you to the locations where these people are located, and then you can give them whatever you want to give.